Join our Boys to Men Canada Youth Circle

A Boys to Men online youth Mentoring Circle is a confidential space, held by skilled mentors and facilitators.  The circle is a space for young men to feel at ease with being who they are and speaking about their lives.

In joining the circle, they will be met right where they are at, by skilled mentors who will listen and help the young man get to the “heart of the matter”.

13-17 year old young men are invited to attend and they are expected to arrive on time, wearing headphones and to tune in from a private place to attend the call.

This circle is called “Light the Fire” and is especially designed to light the inner flame of motivation and clear seeing.  


If a youth or parent has any questions regarding the circle and their son’s participation, please email


Marc-Antoine (13)

I was able to release my thoughts and emotions in the circle, and I was even able to reveal some personal information about me, and how my autism is affecting me and making my life better.

Ryan (15)

I got a new group of friends, I got to share my feelings and struggles without being judged, insulted, or mocked, instead they listen and helped me through specific situations and gave me a place were I could be myself in a judgement free space.

Noah (16)

Noah (16)

…you gain from the youth circles what you put in because if you go in there and you just lie and you get through it like it’s a chore, you’re not going to get anything. But if you go in there with the intention to really put in the work and to dig within yourself and to set goals and to, you know, set a path for yourself to better yourself, either emotionally, physically, or both, I think it’s guaranteed that you’re gonna have improvements.

Mohammed (17)

It  helped seeing and hearing the others share their struggles and knowing I wasn’t the only one who was had issues. And sometimes being able to help others through their struggles was the best part of the circle.

Devinder (Mentor)

It always feels good being a part of a group and meeting good people. There were days I didn’t necessarily want to join in but once I did I felt better, less stressed

Ian (Mentor)

It’s beautiful to have a chance to see the youth open up, relate to one another, and share their truths. The youth were able to let out what’s holding them within, and got to let out any concerns/questions/problems they have. A safe place for these students to receive the guidance they need.

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