The Middle School “Boy Problem”

The chart below tracks the quarterly GPA, segmented by achievement level, of 519 students at one San Diego middle school.1

It shows the well documented, and expected GPA gap between middle school boys & girls.

The unexpected and disturbing news: the GPA gap doubled over the school year.

Girls grades went up in all segments. Boys grades went down in all segments.

More disturbing… the gap quadrupled for boys with a GPA under 2.5.

The bottom line is 25% of boys are not succeeding in middle school.

And failure in middle school often means failure in life.

The high school dropout rate for males is 20.3%. 2
High school dropouts are 3.5 times more likely than graduates to be arrested. 3
5% of the male population is in, or has been in prison. 4

1. Data from 2013/14 school records
2. 2012–13 Graduation and Dropout Statistics Annual Report, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
3. Alliance for Excellent Education, 2003a
4. The High Budgetary Cost of Incarceration. Schmitt, Warner, Gupta


The Good News: Boys to Men works, and it works best for boys on THE BOTTOM LINE.

Boys to Men improves the GPA of boys at all academic levels and is most effective in changing the academic trajectory of the lowest achieving, most at-risk boys.

This chart includes 4 years of GPA data from 125 boys in the Boys to Men program at the same middle school.1

The encouraging news is grades of BTM boys went up in all segments.

More encouraging… the grades of BTM boys with a GPA under 2.5 showed a dramatic improvement of 6 tenths of a grade point compared to non BTM boys.

1. Data from 2011/14 school records