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Helping BOYS at a crucial developmental stage

The Mission of Boys to Men Canada is to connect adolescents with a community of adult mentors who show up consistently and authentically, to embrace the truth about who they really are and identify the fictions that hold them back. Through ongoing mentorship, circles, retreats and immersive trainings, we encourage youth to become the good men they yearn to be.


A proven model of self-exploration, support, and personal development in a weekly format with peers and dedicated, trained mentors

Adventure weekends

A retreat designed to catalyze a positive, authentic identity. A life changing experience of growth and healing youth will never forget

virtual Mentoring

The cutting edge of pandemic-proof youth mentoring, and a way to overcome geographical limitations to offer support to youth everywhere

Why boys?

Authenticity, self-awareness, and courage. These are attributes of many people we admire, and we all encounter situations in life where these tools enable us to respond with clarity and integrity. For many boys growing up without positive male role models, these qualities are disembodied abstractions they don’t see expressed by the adults around them.

Boys to Men Canada aims to fill the gap.


Boys in our programs learn from mentors who show them the value of finding and being who they truly are, not by preaching it, but by modelling it.


BTM Canada gives boys space to do the hard and essential work of identifying their ideals, and helps them recognize when they moving farther away from, or closer to, the person they want to become.


The meaningful path is not necessarily the easy one. Our programs help boys develop resilience, not by taking away their challenges, but by showing them they are stronger than they ever imagined.

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