27 Men came together from all walks of life, from 18 years old to 73…

…arriving on Thursday, the 19th of October 2023 to prepare for the Boys who would be coming to attend their first Boys to Men Adventure Weekend.

men hugging
two men in process about boundaries

The Men did their own work in preparation for the Boys to arrive… 

In doing so they had to contact the part of themselves that was still rooted in what they experienced as Boys and reckon with their own answers to the following questions:  

What kind of Man am I and want to be?

Am I in integrity with who I want/am to be?

What stands in the way of me being who I am meant to be?


The preparation processes were rigorous and helped prepare the container for the Boys.

Fathers, who’s sons were doing the weekend as participants were there to get clear in themselves in anticipation of their sons’ arrivals and the men helped them prepare.   

masked man

The Adventure Weekend compels the Boys and the Men to look at the masks they wear that cover up their authentic selves and to look at the choice of whether to continue hiding behind a mask.

The Men on the weekend take off their masks to make it safe for the young men to do the same.


The result is a powerful meeting and reflection of who they really are beyond our personas and coping strategies. 

A contact takes place, with a more Truthful and authentic experience of ourselves and others, which uplifts us and supports us in becoming who we really are and meant to be.

men facing off
facing ourselves

This means facing ourselves as much as facing others and telling the Truth of our experience… both in our exultations and in our struggles.

The Men support the Boys in contacting and speaking from the Heart and facing the Truth they find there.

the touch

And through skilled facilitation, Boys access inner resources, insights, wisdom and strength that they didn’t know they had.

man pushes other man
man hugs

Which results in healthier, more authentic and True connections with their Fathers, their families, beloveds and friends.

To be held up to a standard of authenticity and Truth, while also being respectively supported by a 3:1 ration of Men to Boys, is the uniqueness and brilliance of an Adventure Weekend… 

…where men are real, loving and fiercely authentic.

man walks through tunnel

The result is a life changing event; a rite of passage touchstone that delivers Boys into their own Self… 

…a homecoming that is their own to make sense of and to value, free of compulsion or ideology.  

27 Men showed up for Boys to  at what kind of Man they are becoming, what kind of man they want to be and the obstacles that stand in the way… 

…and every last one of them made a difference for themselves and the Boys.

Thank you for your service.  And see you in Spring 2024! 

men in circle