From the Front Lines

Our Canadian autumn is in full bloom as I bring you all up to date on our current programming and upcoming initiatives.

Eight months into our ‘Virtual Mentoring Program’ (VMP), I am happy to report that the transition from in-person circles has been highly successful. Throughout this transition, we have come to realize that the spaces we create are pandemic-proof and in fact provide a vital refuge for the youth we serve as they navigate the uncertainty inherent in our current reality and all the emotional turbulence they are living with as a result.

Our big VMP takeaways:

· Participation is not limited by geographic location

· Members feel more autonomous in their space

· Scheduling is more flexible

· Many have expressed a deeper sense of trust and personal safety

· The biggest one: Our youth are extremely RESILIENT!

In alignment with our vision to enhance the Canadian educational landscape, we launched ‘Beyond The Classroom’ (BTC) in late May. This four-module workshop series provides educators with essential skills and tools to support the call to evolve academic methodology that the pandemic has brought into the spotlight. We received rave reviews from the seventeen educators from across Canada who participated in this ground-breaking initiative and we will relaunch on a bigger scale in early 2021.

With financial assistance from the Government of Canada Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF), in collaboration with The Foundation of Greater Montreal, we were able to maintain our VMP throughout the summer and continue the development of BTC. The Zev Daniels Family Foundation also stepped up with funding to support our day to day operations, as they have consistently for the last six years.

Our Director of Marketing and Communications, Sean Cameron, worked diligently for the last several months to deliver our new website, on which you are reading this update. Thank you Sean!

As I have been since day one in 2006, I continue to be blown away by the courage of our youth and the incredible generosity of our volunteer mentors, who are truly the pillars of our organization. It is such an honour to stand among you and from the depths of my heart I say, THANK YOU!

Please stay tuned for exciting news in the coming weeks.

In service,

David Cordes

Executive Director

Boys to Men Canada